Jerry Kinsman & Associates offers consulting and training in practical approaches to project planning, development, and management -- domestic and international – to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, small businesses, and individuals. We tailor services and support by a team of Associates that are responsive to your environment and specific requirements.  Fees are a function of the level of effort and negotiated on a project basis.

Targeted assistance includes workshops; seminars; and direct support for

  • Project development
  • Strategic planning and assessment
  • Proposal writing

A step-by-step process of preparing comprehensive proposals to

  • Government programs
  • Corporate and private foundations
  • Non-profit associations

Training or direct support for

  • Management plans
  • Sustainability plans
  • Third party program evaluation for funded projects

We can guide clients through a functional analysis of their needs and assets. We evaluate funding opportunities and requirements to align with client needs and capacity.

Our approach is to de-mystify the project planning and proposal development process. By building skills and capacity we can help organizations and people successfully navigate the process, reduce the barriers, and enhance competitiveness. The approach is based on the assumption that unless you are a rocket scientist, writing a proposal is not rocket science.

Jerry Kinsman & Associates – Placitas, New Mexico USA

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